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". . . There is a fantastic post on Black Cover that compares the Alwych notebook to Moleskine. Please click here to go read it then come back. And let me just stand and applaud. I completely agree, I've never been impressed by Moleskine's rhetoric about what famous people used to use a similar notebook. But I am very impressed that real-life people with outdoor jobs and activities (like paleontologists and ornithologists) use Alwych notebooks in all weather conditions. I identify much more with that crowd."http://www.plannerisms.com/search/label/Alwych

Black Cover - American Site

". . . I love the Alwych book. I love its simplicity, I love the coloured page edges, the somewhat retro feel to it, the size, the coloured page edges, and the perfect amount of flexibility. I think I'm going to use it as my main notebook, which means an update in a few months regarding its wear and tear. . ."

The Guardian

"The notebook I recommend is The Alwych Book (01698 727001; alwych.co.uk) with all-weather cover: A38/90 feint. A friend gets me mine from Scotland."

Fat Birder

"ALWYCH Notebooks have been a firm favourite, for more years than we care to remember, with people who spend a lot of time outdoors and need to take notes in all kinds of weather. High among their enthusiasts are Birders who have historically used an ALWYCH notebook to record their sightings. All have relied on the unique ALWYCH qualities to protect their precious notes..."